Join us at Signifyd FLOW Summit on April 17, 2024 in New York for an exclusive gathering of ecommerce innovators and retail experts.

Signifyd FLOW is a community of passionate ecommerce professionals who gather for thoughtful conversations about the challenges and future of retail in the digital age. It is a unique opportunity to gather thought leaders, customers, executives and partners in person to align ideas, thoughts and best practices.

We’re bringing together over 350 industry professionals in New York on April 17 to connect, share solutions and learn from retail leaders around the world.

Past event speakers

Deniz Ertan

Senior Director of Risk at eBay

Srinath Sridhar

Co-Founder & CEO at

Rebecca Minkoff

Fashion designer at Rebecca Minkoff

Lockie Andrews

CEO & Managing Director, Catalyst Consulting

David Mattei

Strategic Advisor at Aite Novarica


Event schedule

Begin FLOW Summit 2024 with registration and breakfast. Pick up your badge and enjoy a casual breakfast in the partner pavilion, offering a space for early networking and discussions among fellow attendees.

Indy Guha, Signifyd

Join Indy Guha, Chief Business Officer at Signifyd, as he sets the stage for FLOW Summit 2024, offering insights into the event’s themes and highlighting the key opportunities for learning and connection throughout the day.

Raj Ramanand, Signifyd

Signifyd’s Co-Founder and CEO Raj Ramanand will provide a glimpse into how Signifyd views the future of ecommerce protection and the current and emerging innovations that are driving our business. This session will also delve into how merchants can deliver value in this new world given the emerging challenges that have risen including the increasing need to drive customer lifetime value. 

Key talking points

  • The move of online commerce from a focus on conversion to the need to drive lifetime value
  • The emerging challenges that merchants face 
  • Discussion around the best ways to deliver value 
  • Signifyd’s current and emerging innovations
Raj Ramanand, Signifyd
Antonio Colicchio, Abercrombie & Fitch Co.
Elizabeth Garry, Pandora
Erik Viafore, Stanley 1913
Samant Nagpal, Square

In a world where customer experience is paramount, we are seeing more organizations trying to find the delicate equilibrium required to maintain optimal customer experience while combating fraud and preventing abuse. Different market leaders have unique challenges they face, and our goal is to highlight how some of these leaders continue to focus on driving customer value through innovation while implementing effective safeguards against malicious activities throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

Key Talking Points

  • The primary source of differentiation now belongs online
  • Leaders must take more responsibility to provide protection and build trust
  • More formidable adversaries make the balancing act between risk and customer experience more challenging
  • Learnings from leading brands on their biggest hurdles and opportunities
Varun Kumar, Signifyd

Signifyd is busy building innovations to address current and upcoming challenges we foresee impacting the ecommerce fraud landscape.  Join our SVP of Product as he details Signifyd’s product roadmap.

Sucharita Kodali, Forrester

Join Forrester for a fast-paced look at the state of online retail, emerging technologies like generative AI and the economic realities of a post-pandemic world.  What do these things mean for growth in an ever-competitive retail environment? And what should any consumer-facing company focus on to drive loyalty and profitability?

Gayathri Somanath, Signifyd

Now, more than ever, maintaining robust account security is the critical cornerstone of a resilient digital commerce ecosystem.  This session will focus on controlling the rising challenges of account takeover and unauthorized access while delving into innovative strategies and technologies that our panel members have used to fortify the frontline defenses of online businesses. Attendees can anticipate discussions on authentication methods, behavioral analytics and continuous monitoring as integral components of a comprehensive account integrity strategy. 

Indy Guha, Signifyd
Hani Batla, Adorama
Vahe Amirbekian, Google

Digital identity plays a pivotal role in establishing and sustaining long-term customer relationships. The panelists will outline the essential requirements for a successful digital identity mandate in a time of an evolving online transaction landscape. They will explore factors such as user authentication, privacy considerations and regulatory compliance. Attendees can expect a discussion on the integration of secure and seamless identity verification across various touchpoints in the customer lifecycle and their impact on customer lifetime value (LTV). 

Tara Mitchell, Signifyd
Abhay Antony, Thumbtack
Richard Barbieri, BetMGM

In April 2023, Visa instituted Compelling Evidence 3.0, new rules aimed at putting more resources at merchants disposal to fight first-party fraud chargebacks. One year in, our panelists will discuss how CE 3.0 is affecting win rates and how the changes play out differently among their retail verticals and between merchants selling physical vs digital goods. They will also discuss best practices to leverage CE 3.0's requirements and other opportunities to reduce friendly-fraud chargebacks.

Adam Silverman, Signifyd
Anh Vu-Lieberman, Nogin
Marc Lupinacci, SimpleTire

Merchant innovation is no longer optional.  Organizations must find new ways to reach, attract and retain customers in order to survive and thrive in the evolving ecommerce landscape. Our panel members will explore key trends, technologies and strategies that drive transformative change in the ecommerce landscape. Our speakers  aim to inspire and guide participants as they navigate the constantly changing ecommerce ecosystem, while fostering innovation that meets and exceeds customer expectations and  ultimately creates sustainable and meaningful value in the digital marketplace.

Eleanor Ritchie, Signifyd
Emilie MacFarlane, Tuckernuck

The return experience is no longer the endpoint of the customer lifecycle. Organizations are starting to see the value in capitalizing on the return experience. This session will explore innovative solutions and best practices for optimizing the returns process, including streamlined logistics, data-driven insights and customer-centric policies. Attendees can anticipate discussions on leveraging returns as an opportunity to enhance customer loyalty, implement effective reverse logistics and minimize environmental impact through sustainable practices. 

Will Wyatt, Signifyd

Want to better understand how pre-authorization processes in payment systems can significantly impact and enhance the overall customer experience? Join us as we delve into the strategic integration of pre-authorization technologies. Panel participants will discuss the potential to streamline transactions, reduce friction and mitigate fraud risks. Attendees will gain insights into leveraging pre-authorization as a tool to enhance payment security, boost customer trust and create a seamless and efficient purchasing journey. 

Indy Guha, Signifyd
Indy Guha, Signifyd


Convene at Brookfield Place

225 Liberty Street, New York, NY, 10281

The FLOW Summit 2024 takes place at the Convene conference center, located at 225 Liberty Street within the Brookfield Place. Convene offers attendees a unique event space, enabling a variety of event formats from general session, breakouts, networking receptions and informal meeting areas. Attendees will find themselves in an environment designed for professional exchange and enlightenment, underpinned by Convene’s advanced architectural design and technology services.

Past event sponsors

Frequently asked questions

FLOW Summit 2024 is a one-day conference that unites ecommerce and fraud prevention professionals to discuss the present and future of retail in the digital era. Attendees will have the opportunity to gain insights from industry experts, thought leaders, product specialists and ecommerce practitioners on the challenges facing the sector. Attending FLOW Summit is a great opportunity to expand your knowledge, make new connections and equip yourself to navigate the challenges of 2024.

Signifyd FLOW Summit 2024 takes place on April 17 at Convene in Brookfield Place at 225 Liberty Street in downtown New York.

We are expecting more than 350 attendees for FLOW Summit 2024.

The agenda can be found below and will be updated on a regular basis as the event nears so check back often: Visit the Flow Summit 2024 Agenda

FLOW 2024 attracts leaders in ecommerce and fraud prevention, including CXOs, Directors and managers, along with their teams from various retail industry segments such as Apparel, Accessories & Footwear, Electronics & Computers, Health, Beauty & Cosmetics, Housewares, Garden & Furnishings and Sporting Goods.

Attending FLOW Summit 2024 will provide a variety of benefits to ecommerce professionals. Here are some reasons why you should attend:

  • Gain insights from industry experts: FLOW Summit 2024 brings together thought leaders, product specialists and ecommerce practitioners who will share their expertise and insights on the challenges and opportunities facing the industry. By attending, you can learn from their experiences and stay ahead of the latest trends.
  • Expand your knowledge: The event features multiple tracks, breakout sessions and keynotes that cover timely and transformative topics. By attending, you can gain new knowledge and skills that you can apply to your business.
  • Make new connections: FLOW Summit 2024 provides an opportunity to meet and network with other ecommerce professionals from different sectors of the retail industry. You can exchange ideas, build relationships and potentially form new partnerships.
  • Equip yourself to navigate the challenges of 2024: The retail industry is constantly evolving, and attending FLOW Summit 2024 can help you stay informed about the latest developments and best practices. By equipping yourself with the latest knowledge and insights, you can be better prepared to navigate the challenges of 2024 and beyond.
  • Take advantage of the early bird rate: By registering before February 29, you can take advantage of the early bird rate of $150, saving $149 off the full rate of $299.

The FLOW Summit general sessions and breakout sessions will be recorded and available post-event. Please note that the event will not be live-streamed.

Content is designed so that there is something for everyone across multiple tracks, breakout sessions and keynotes discussing timely and transformative topics.

  • Early bird $150 (expires February 29)
  • Full rate $299

Registrants of FLOW Summit can take advantage of a discounted rate of $379/night plus tax at the New York Marriott Downtown, across the street from Convene. The link to the hotel booking site will be sent in your registration confirmation.

Yes, following the conclusion of the conference we will be hosting an evening event for registered attendees at the Pera Soho from 6:30–9:30 p.m.

FLOW Summit 2024 features a morning keynote program led by industry experts, followed by afternoon breakout tracks. The two main tracks are:

  1. Ecommerce, focusing on Conversion Optimization & Customer Experience
  2. Fraud Prevention, centered on Payments Risk & Best Practices in Payments